Tropical storm Harvey hit Houston hard.

Shockingly, reports state the sea tempest killed no less than 60 individuals. It has additionally fashioned demolition to innumerable networks and families.

It appears to be inane by correlation with the lives lost, yet a few reports state that one million autos were obliterated. Pictures of submerged vehicles immediately flowed the Twittersphere afterward. Surges of different sorts are pitiless and tragic, yet particularly so on a scale this enormous.

I recollect when I was experiencing childhood in New Jersey we had a heavy precipitation one year and the rivulet beneath our nearby neighbor’s home went from five feet wide and one foot deep to 100 yards wide and 10 feet down, filling the neighbor’s storm cellar with water. At the point when the water retreated, the adjustment in the water’s speed as it experienced the house deserted two or three feet of sediment in the storm cellar. The apparatuses were demolished and it was a heckuva chaos to clean only this one house. I can’t envision an entire city being taken out this way.

Or on the other hand a million vehicles.

Talking about which, twelve years back I had a companion who fiddled with vehicle barters. He headed to Chicago or Minneapolis, purchased a couple of vehicles at sale, towed them back north to fix them lastly sold them. On one event I was taking a gander at vehicles with him and I saw a shiny new Jaguar. I had dependably figured it is cool to have a Jaguar, and this one was just $100. The reason it was so modest? It had been submerged. That vehicle had seen its greatest days.

What to do if your vehicle floods

On the off chance that you Google this issue, there are a few sites with counsel on managing vehicles got in floodwaters. Here are a bunch of tips separated from this Popular Mechanics article.

“How high’s the water, mother?” – Johnny Cash

In the first place, endeavor to distinguish the high-water line. For the most part there will be leaves, flotsam and jetsam or residue that shows how high up your vehicle the water achieved, similar to a bath ring. On the off chance that the water line goes mostly up the windshield, scrap the vehicle.

Separate the battery ground lash before tinkering.

Try not to begin the motor to check whether despite everything it runs. As the maxim goes, oil and water don’t blend. On the off chance that there is water in the motor and transmission, beginning the vehicle will turn that oil/water blend into a gooey chaos, along these lines making it considerably more hard to clean.

Get as much water out of the vehicle as fast as you can when you can. The best apparatus is a wet/dry shop vac. Douse up everything you can with towels and run fans to dry the vehicle. A few people prescribe heating soft drink or some other dampness permeable item to lessen the opportunity of form assuming control.

Replace the oil, drivetrain liquids and channels. On the off chance that this is past the extent of your car upkeep aptitudes – indeed, the tranny liquid can be an agony – have your vehicle towed to a place where the work should be possible for you. That is the reason individuals like me pay for AAA inclusion. It’s significantly less expensive than another vehicle. (Note: Don’t tow the vehicle with the wheels on the ground; that nullifies the point. Rather, utilize a level bed truck.)